Charlie’s Spicy Fish Seasoning

Gluten Free.  Non-GMO.  No MSG.  

Charlie’s Spicy Fish Seasoning is the BEST SEASONING for all your fish and seafood dishes! Hints of citrus in this spicy blend will enhance your catch-of-the-day like never before!

Please find ingredients and nutritional facts here.


OUR FISH SEASONING IS TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK Charlie’s Spicy Fish Seasoning makes all your fish and seafood dishes that…much…better! GLUTEN FREE, NON-GMO, and NO MSG. (Please Note: Free shipping includes orders within the USA ONLY. International orders will require additional costs for shipping and handling. Customers with international deliveries will be contacted with specific pricing fees).


please note: the transaction will appear on your statement as payment to: “Swiftwater Landing LLC.”   first class shipping costs applicable to the United States.  If outside the United States, postage costs will increase.  please contact us for more information.

for larger orders (25 or more individual units), please contact us directly at

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